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The High Point Group (HPG) industry professionals bring the highest standards of integrity and experience to every project. All of our professionals come from the home furnishings industry and are highly trained to take on the specialized tasks HPG performs. Key managers must complete our comprehensive High Point Group Training Program and be versed in all aspects of our unique, HPG system

All of our HPG professionals are insured and bonded and highly-skilled in both sales
and operations. HPG Team


The High Point Group's philosophy embraces the idea that an informed strategic partnership builds better relationships and in the end, superior results. As a result, the High Point Group shares with it's clients the sales and operating methods that it has developed after years of practical experience. These methods, collectively known as the HPG System™, place tight budgetary controls on every project and incorporate a comprehensive sale-tracking program that allows us to adjust strategy to yield the
highest possible results.

The HPG System™ ensures operational proficiency in the following areas:

*INVENTORY CONTROLS: Inventory procedures are standardized to ensure precise inventory management and accurate inventory counts.

*COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS PLANNING: Proforma analyses are formulated and submitted to clients prior to the start of a promotional event. A High Point Group Proforma projects sales, markups and all costs associated with a sale and helps ensure centralized cost controls.

*ACCURATE REPORTING: Profit and loss statements are generated weekly. Actual performance is compared to projections and models are adjusted as the sale progresses. All books and records are modified as necessary.

*STANDARDIZED OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS: The High Point Group's method of transacting business is designed for efficiency. Adaptable to your specific promotional event, our in-store systems are tried and proven.